Hi, I'm Mike Corso, the founder of Roovio. Roovio is committed to taking the complexity out of digital marketing for the millions of small to medium sized businesses struggling with their online presence. We begin with optimizing your online listings and making sure your online reputation sings. We then analyze your website (SEO) and explore advertising opportunities that can deliver 2x to 5x return on investment (ROI). Best part, all of our recommendations spring from a free report that we create for you! Let's get started, order your FREE snapshot report today!
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Marketing for Local Businesses

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We obsess over getting your online foundation right

Marketing for Local Businesses

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first

We're not happy until your business appears on the first page of Google

Better content is outweighing more content

Order of priorities: 1) website; 2) social footprint; 3) advertising

What gets measured gets improved

Website & SEO

First, make sure you website captures visitor email addresses. Then, regarding SEO, focus o these 4 words: ``THEY ASK, YOU ANSWER``. The key thing about SEO is that you must publish content that is directly related to the search terms that your potential customers are asking. Google loves websites that come across as know-it-alls.

Your Social Footprint & Online Reputation

An active social media presence shows folks that your business has a pulse. Customer reviews represent both the empowerment of the consumer and the opportunity to build trust - even if a consumer has never interacted with the brand before. Replying to reviews, both pro and con, is essential to good reputation management.

Advertising Intelligence

The learning curve to profitable advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook is steep. Our team of specialists will get you to a positive return on investment (ROI) fast. Our free tools make it easy to monitor the activity of any of your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google. All from one screen.

We Put It All Together Quite Nicely

After one conversation, you'll come to understand that we operate quite differently from most web developers and marketing service providers. We obsess over website landing pages, online reputation management and social media, and making sure you get 5-star reviews where it matters (very important in Google's eyes).

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So Happy We Found Each Other
So glad we found each other. If you looked at our profile, you’ll see that we operate quite differently from most web developers and marketing service providers. For one, we obsess over website landing pages, online reputation management, and making sure you get 5-star reviews (very important in Google’s eyes).
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We give every prospective client a FREE customized marketing dashboard loaded with the following tools:
  • Social Marketing – to make it easy to post short content to the primary social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Instagram)
  • Customer Voice – to make it easy to generate online reviews on Facebook and Google
  • Reputation Management – to make it easy to find and respond to all comments (good and bad) posted anywhere on the Internet about your business
  • Listing Builder – to make it easy to update your contact/address info on the major listings sites
  • Advertising Intelligence – to make it easy to monitor the activity of any of your advertising campaigns (if applicable) on Facebook and Google
We like being used
Complete our short form and we’ll perform an in-depth analysis of your business’s online visibility and share recommendations on how to improve.
Additionally, you’ll get a free 30-minute consultation that we offer to all prospective clients…it’s like getting $450 of value just for showing up! It is always our pleasure to meet new people and help them establish a solid presence online. Let’s start the conversation

Roovio is a full stack digital marketing agency serving local businesses and national brands. Roovio believes that establishing a solid online foundation is essential to all businesses and that generating online reviews is a big part of that foundation and a key aspect of any successful digital marketing strategy. For a free consultation and trial, complete the form above