Give Your Chamber Members a Free Workshop on Digital Marketing

Roovio Workshops typically last for 20 minutes plus 20 minutes of Q&A and include the following:

  • How to update your contact info on 70 Internet directories and listings sites with one click
  • How to generate a steady stream of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook
  • How and where to engage in Social Media activity with very little effort
  • How to manage your online reputation

And here’s the best part….

Roovio will provide each of your members the following at no cost:

  • A customized online visibility report plus recommendations
  • Free reporting that captures key metrics across Google and Facebook
  • Free access to the Roovio app (an award winning marketing dashboard)
  • A 60-day free trial of Constant Contact (for email marketing)
  • A free 20-minute consultation with Mike Corso (CEO of Roovio)

Let's Schedule a Workshop & Discuss the Specific Needs of Your Members:

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