Feelin' the love

Thanks to each and every one of our clients over the years. Without you I'd be stuck playing rock 'n roll all day long. Hmmmm.......

“Before I even agreed to hire Mike as a consultant, I learned a ton of stuff from him. Within the first hour of post-hiring onboarding, I knew I made a solid choice. My second choice company was more expensive, but had more experience in my industry. While that brought me comfort, it also gave me the feeling that I wouldn't be getting analysis and plans specifically for MY business as I get from Roovio.”

- Adrian Adams, OB

“Roovio is a great platform and the team at Roovio provides excellent support. Table Mountain highly recommends Roovio for your business.”

- Johan Naude, Table Mountain Consulting Group

“I have worked with many digital marketing professionals but none have been as knowledgable, helpful and service-oriented as Mike.”

- Laurel Donnellan, Compassionate Leaders Circle

“Mike is a true marketing professional. His expertise in the field is unparalleled.”

- Hand DeCora, HD Music

“Mike and his team are responsive and are working hard to understand my business. They have provided invaluable suggestions on how to market myself on social media and how to further promote my company. What had to me become a behemoth task is so much simpler now.”

- Alan Sheptin, Sheptin Tutoring

“Great one stop marketing services!

- Sigrid Lopez, Sex Pot 420 Inc

“Mike (and the whole team at Roovio) is a great resource for SMBs to build out their digital marketing channels. Be it SEO, emails or content marketing, be sure to get a proposal from him.”

- Ashley Heather, The Spur

“It's been great working with Mike. Knows his stuff and willing to go the extra mile.”

- Juan Taveras, Clean Start NY

“Hooray for Roovio for making it easy to engage in SEO. This is important to me as a small business.”

- Portia L.

“Roovio is critical for small businesses. I ran the Local Markets program at Google and we were always trying to figure out how to simplify for SMBs.”

- Eric S.

“I've known Mike for years. Smart and thorough with a brain for marketing - and all with a smile.”

- Paul Magliari, Stutterdot Design 

“Mike took the time to explain the Roovio features and how they would best serve my business. It has really gotten me to pay more attention to leveraging my social media posts to increase my company's visibility!”

- Sharon D 

“Mike delivers; whatever he's involved in follow it; a man of innovation and integrity!”

- Esther B 

“Mike helped us many years ago with our website, his knowledge and assistance were and still are invaluable”

- Peter S, Wildflowers Aromatherapy & Gifts

“Finally, a software platform that eliminates the biggest obstacle to web marketing: the limitless chore of competitive website optimization. Great work by a true SEO veteran and expert, with a proven track record of success.”

- Eric P.

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