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Google Grants Made Easy

What is the Google Grants program?

Imagine walking into a Costco, and the greeter hands you $10,000 cash, and says you can use it however you want, as long as you use it in their store. Who would say no, right? That’s exactly what the Google Ad Grant is for eligible nonprofits — free money!

So, the Google Ad Grants program is a grant from Google to your nonprofit designed to bolster your online presence—drive engagement, donations, and awareness of your mission. Over 20,000 nonprofit organizations in over 50 countries are currently using Google Grants to increase visibility, and yours could be the next!

Important note: Government agencies, hospitals, schools, and academic institutions are not eligible for Google for Nonprofits. Philanthropic arms of educational institutions are eligible.

Do's and Don'ts

Once you apply for the Google Ad Grant, there are some ways to mess it up which could lead to your account be suspended. Some of it is part of the ever changing policies of Google. Other aspects are human error. We’ve been following Google Ad Grant policies closely at Roovio as part of the Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals community and we’ve put it all together in our guide to Google Ad Grant management for nonprofits. From that guide, you'll find 7 common mistakes to avoid followed by 6 best practices that we recommend. 

7 Mistakes made in Google Ad Grant management

Mistake #1: Not following the new Ad Grant Guidelines

Mistake #2: Promising dog rescue and not showing dog rescue (i.e., Poor User Experience)

Mistake #3: Using a single ad in a group

Mistake #4: Having broad, catch-all terms

Mistake #5: Ignoring your landing pages

Mistake #6: Seasonal keyword adjusting and cleaning

Mistake #7: Ignoring time and place

6 Best practices for Google Ad Grant management

Best Practice #1: Focus on Conversions, Not Spend  

Best Practice #2: Have Conversion Tracking Set Up

Best Practice #3: Experiment with Match Types

Best Practice #4: Use the Keyword Insertion Tool

Best Practice #5: Take Advantage of Automated Rules  

Best Practice #6: Always Be Testing

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Everything You Need to Know About Google Grants

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