On January 14th I was invited to lead an SEO webinar for members of SCORE. My focus was to demystify and take the complexity out of SEO. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Over 250 questions were submitted!

If you missed it, click here or above to view. If you are looking for speakers for your next event, please contact me--I would love to be involved.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!

Awesome, awesome webinar, Mike! Thank you SO much for your time and efforts that went into producing such a fabulous webinar today! We had an amazing turnout and received very positive feedback.

— Alexa E.

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Great presentation. Very Informative.

In general this workshop was a good review of what I have learned in the past and reminded me of what I need to do in the future.

Really great presenter and information.

the best SEO presentation ever

All content was covered well

It was excellent

very helpful

Good presenter

Very good overview

Totally satisfied!

Speaker- Mike really used common language that was easy to follow.

Well done - thank you!

This presentation was great and very informative.

excellent presenter

Very helpful and informative.

Excellent information

Excellent job. Thank you

Great job. Thank you.

Great information sharing

very informative

great job


This was well worth attending.

Great information

Just that it was a great service that was provided

It was a great presentation.

would love to attend more presentations like this

I wish I had seen this before spending hours researching SEO1


Excellent and well moderated.

very good

Love the links/recs to outside resources


Such good content

the information was priceless

Great and very relevant information

Very helpful and simple enough to understand for a not so tech savvy person.

I liked that he gave specific resources

I would like to hear it again and I would like him to be a speaker again

I truly enjoyed the presentation. Ilearned a lot.

Very informative

Right on target. Large quarry of questions says this is a hot topic for everyone.

It was very informative.

excellent presentation, like to have more

Mike did a wonderful job offering his expertise and insight Into SEO.

Excellent presentation. Slides were just right and not cluttered. Speaker spoke at a good pace and had great modulation.

Excellent, one of the best

Helpful content in a consumable presentation


excellent presenter with solid info, not just selling services

This is great webinar!


The presentation was excellent!

Yes, he knows what he is talking about.


very detailed and informative presentation

This presentation provided a wealth of information and the presenter was engaging with simple approaches that can be applied readily.

Great job!

It was great.

Covered a wide array of info

Mike was great!

fabulous content

Excellent job


very fast paced with a lot of relevant info

Mike was a very good presenter

Amazing job!

Mike did an excellent job. I need to go back and watch it again.

mike corso was EXCELLENT!!

He was great. Very knowledgeable

This was an excellent and very professional webinar

Mike is knowledgeable - wish he had more time to explain things in greater detail.


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